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300 Shields

300 shields

The slot 300 Shields is a particularly nice slot with the epic (and particularly bloody!) Battle between heroic 300 Spartans and the massive army of Xerxes as a central theme. This. Is. Sparta !!

How does it work?

300 shields superbigwinDe Spartans knew despite the large minority Xerxes' army largely defeat. This slot game is therefore only for the real tough rauwdouwers among us for the very bravest warrior is to earn eternal fame. Or at least eternal wealth.

Histrical gameplay

The 300 in the title refers not only to the same historical event, but also to the fact that you're in the bonus game can earn a multiplier of 300x. We leave anything on your sink. It is really: In the bonus game you can make a truly unprecedented multiplier of 300x. And that means quite simply that you can win astronomical amounts this slot game, even at low stakes.

Excellent graphics.

And that's reason enough anyway to 300 Shields while trying out. Graphically is 300 Shields excellent: the Spartan warriors (also known as Wild act) occasionally leap out of the screen with a yell to celebrate the winning combinations. Also a nice detail: in some symbols you see the shot arrows sit still. It all contributes well to the lovely atmosphere.

The basic game

Central to 300 Shields are the tough Spartan warriors who played the lead role in this historical epic. The symbols on a standard roll screen of 5 x 3 reels symbols are spread, so have violence, war and fight to make. Think of warriors, shields, archers and swords, with a bloody battle in the background is in full swing. Spartan warrior is Wild and three or more scattered shield gives the bonus. Also in the base game is won enough and that keeps the game interesting. Although the bonus game is a low frequency, you do not get bored. And when that finally falls ...

300 shields conclusio

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Bonus Rounds 300 Shields

300 Shields slot machine has only one bonus round, but what kind. Three or more scattered shields deliver your 8 free spins. And then it becomes exciting. The aim is to collect additional shields during the bonus rounds. There are some levels you can reach where you can earn extra multipliers and additional free spins. And if you're lucky enough to run a retrigger, you win of course redundant: straight 5 free spins and 3 shields (or more) earned. The levels you can get are as follows:

  • Two or more coats collected: 5 additional free spins and spins are all worth 5x
  • Six or more shields collected: 5 additional free spins and all spins are worth 25x
  • Twelve or more shields collected: 5 additional free spins and spins are all worth 300x

It is clear that the bonus game 300 Shields chilling can be exciting. You can win an awful lot, and sometimes you have only one shield needed to reach the next level with that oh-so-much-needed additional free spins and multiplier extra fat.

3 Very Good Reasons to Love 300 Shields:

300 Shields is a very nice slot machine that portrays well the Spartan fighting mood.Unprecedented gift bonus rounds: the potential to win thousands of dollars is always presentThe basic game is not boring, despite the lack of mini-games and innovative game concepts. Sometimes a slot machine is just fine together, and that is certainly the case with 300 ShieldsFinal conclusion: figure 8+

300 Shields is a great slot machine which in style and theme a lot like that other favorite of ours: Medusa. Although it sometimes takes a long time before the bonus round is a big payout in one fell swoop can forget the long wait. To our knowledge, there is no video slot that offers players such a high multiplier of 300x.