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That most monkeys love bananas is well known, but they can multiply bananas as it were, is also new to us. Anyway provide five different Monkey symbols on the 3D animated video slot 5 different Wild (bananas) patterns. This makes the game very exciting and fun, because only one monkey symbol noise can already cause you earned high profits. As mentioned, there are 5 different monkey symbols, each with their own unique Wild feature:

  • Wild Gorilla - The gorrila symbol + 4 at each corner will change Wilds
  • Wild Orang Utan - The orangutan symbol will form a square block of 4 Wilds
  • Wild Baboon - Baboon symbol will expand to three vertically stacked Wilds
  • Wild langur - The langur will expand to 3 horizontal stacked Wilds
  • Wild Ghost Animal - The tarsier will provide a symbol of two horizontal and two vertical Wild symbols

All wild symbols can replace any other, because there are no scatter or bonus symbols in the video slot present. The fact that there are no other special symbols are present, it is also absolutely no loss. Precisely the element with the Wild Monkeys makes it all very wonderful. It can often happen that you get after a spin of the reels several monkey symbols on the screen. Due to their unique Wild Feature, this can ensure that virtually all of the symbols change in bananas (so Wilds). Thus it is possible to win the grand prize of 140,000 coins.

If we look at the basics of video slot game Go Bananas, you can count on the number of standard 5 reel, 3 row symbols. You also have to do with 20 win lines where you anyhow sense too. It is therefore not possible to play with fewer paylines. Do you have the ability to adjust the height of your bet as you wish. With a coin value of 1 cent i.c.w. bet level 1, the lowest possible bet will only 20 cents. Rather play video slots with high stakes, you can change the coin value to max. 1 euro and the bet level to max. 10. The highest bet this is no less than 200 euros.

The above is the video slot game obviously loaded in fun mode. You will receive € 5000, - fictional play money, so you can play unlimited free. You will only tell that Go Bananas have a very attractive game to play with real money. Profits may incur namely very fast. If you decide to play with real money once visit a online casino. After registration you can buy with real play money and expect a 100% bonus. Also you can save using the savings for Free Spins and free play money, without the need for additional deposits.