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Neon Staxx

Neon Staxx Netent slot review 

At we tested the new online slot Neon Staxx. In this review, read all the ins and outs of the latest slot machine Netent. Plus: What is the result of 1,000 spins on Neon Staxx? Neon Staxx takes you back to the eighties. That sounds long ago, but as says Elvis Presley, Prince, Kiss, it seems almost yesterday. That is, for For games maker Netent the eighties consist of neon colors, angular symbols, canned music and an interface reminiscent of the Atari consoles. Neon Staxx seems at first glance a kind shooter for Atari. But it is a video slot because it pays off.

Neon Staxx The payout percentage of 96.9%, according to Netent.

The slot machine has 5 reels with visible 4 symbols per reel. You always play with all 40 paylines. The minimum bet per spin is 0.20.Neon Staxx is a quick slot. What happens, happens in pace. You have to love. The spins quickly, the (keyboard) music is fast, the feature is quick. It plays surprisingly tasty way, what Mr. Casino is concerned.The prices can add up quickly, because each spin is one symbol in a very long 'stacks on the roller stands, stacked one above the other (hence the name' Staxx). During some spins, the Wild symbol (jokers) stacked. Below snake stacked on the first three reels.

Neon Staxx slot

So you can easily get a roll loaded with the same symbols. And with a little luck a role with the same symbols next to it, and the role well ...Spin your three Scatter symbols in the picture - a fluoro pink triangle - then start the feature, so the bonus game. The feature includes 10 free spins when you have 3 scatters. 4 scatters give 15 free spins 5 scatters give 20 free spins.But before the free spins start, Neon Staxx chooses first one symbol contained in the feature across large stacks on the reels. This is always one of the four predator symbols (which provide the highest rates) or the Wild symbol.In the latter case, you can already start cheering. You win almost certainly a very large amount.

Neon Staxx bonus.

The 1000 spins Neon Staxx. I was excited and put a spin € 1, - in. Thus put a total of 1000 euro at stake. It was a small Thriller - not without a hit from the eighties.In the normal role are pretty much bigger prizes. won several prizes in the male direction of 30 times his bet.Initially, thereby won money in tempo. After 100 spins he was € 32.20 profit. When it went in just as hard pace downhill. After 700 spins the counter stood at minus € 127.55. Ai.Neon Staxx slot review lucky dip which did not last long. 200 spins later there was another neat profit on the display: € 19.25. Those gains survived the last 100 spins just not.Pity. But, it was exciting. Whereby certainly wants to draw the bonus during this test was very very little. Only three times in 1000 spins.The feature does not yield great prices: on average € 37.78.

The result Neon Staxx:

  • Total result after 1000 spins at 1.00:  4.80 loss
  • Five largest gains: € 54.90, € 42.45, € 27.50, € 21.40, € 20.00
  • How often feature: 3x, 1x per approximately 333 spins
  • Average earnings Feature: € 37.78
  • According Netent is the payout percentage (RTP) 96.9%


Neon Staxx does one thing of the appearance of Starburst and will certainly appeal to fans of the slot. There are also differences: Neon Staxx has a lot of exciting bonus game and gives some more higher prices than Starburst. The conclusion therefore plays less evenly, which we personally find an advantage. The disadvantage of Neon Staxx is that you sometimes have to wait very long for the feature.